Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yesterday, while catching up on my bookkeeping, I channel-surfed across a photographers' competition/reality show broadcast on some obscure network. The premise of the PG-rated competition was a bit weak: a bunch of photographers (all male in this case) get paired up with a bunch of models (all women in this case) to see which photographer and which model can produce the best photograph in certain time restrictions. Or something like that. The setting was some abfab beach resort with perfect weather and exotic backgrounds. The pairings changed throughout the competition, and then at the end everybody rated everybody, along with a panel of expert raters.

The models were predictably attractive and well-practiced at being photographed. What surprised me was how good these photographers were. Even the guys who seemed to struggle with the shot assignments came away with some spectacular images. I didn't pay enough attention at the start to hear about anyone's credentials, so all I know about them is that they weren't professional photographers. Now, maybe they had some behind-the-scenes pro guidance? Or maybe they were pros posing as amateurs? Or maybe they're just that freakin' good?

Whatever the case, I was impressed and inspired. The techniques they used, the direction they gave, and the confidence they had got me thinking about the few posed sessions I have done so far. With their example in mind, I have a lot of ideas for improving my photography. I'm anxious to do my next shoot to give these ideas a try.

Could be a bit tough - my next shoot is with a horse...

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