Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Job

After making the decision to launch my practice, a friend coincidentally emailed me to tell me she became engaged over the holiday. This didn't come as a surprise; I recall discussion of wagers, but nobody would take the bet. It did, however, open up a possibility: would she be open to letting me photograph her wedding? It also brought along a social conflict: I didn't want the couple to feel compelled to use me based on our friendship. So when I told the bride-to-be about my new business, I was quick to disclaim that my decision had nothing to do with her engagement. Further, I recommended an experienced photographer she might want to use. She would have none of it. She told me she wanted me to photograph her wedding, and there would be no further discussion on that point. I didn't argue. So I now have my first job.

I think knowing the couple will be a welcome benefit for the first time around. They're casual, informal, fun, and adult. We get along great, so we'll all be comfortable with each other when we introduce a camera into the mix. Or maybe "less uncomfortable" is more accurate. Either way, I'm grateful to the couple for trusting me with their wedding photos.

With a job on the books for this summer, I now have a nearly infinite amount of work to get done in a very finite amount of time. Do I smell smoke?

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