Friday, February 20, 2009

Professional Eve

Tomorrow, weather permitting, is my first professional job. I'll be shooting engagement photos for the son of a family friend, and his fiancee. I have been getting my head and my gear prepared all week. The couple didn't have any thoughts or ideas about where they wanted their photos taken, they only knew they wanted it to be outside, and they would dress casually. Knowing the couple as I do, I selected a location that fits their vibe and style of dress. We'll be shooting at an old mill that has been converted for shopping and dining. I have sketched several ideas for locations and poses, and have more ideas than I feared I might. I have been studying the work of other photographers whose work I admire, and using that inspiration to plan the shoot.

The venue has a wealth of possibilities. There is a wooded path following the banks of a large rocky stream. I really like the iron trestle bridge that crosses the stream to get to the mill. While it once carried a train track, it is now a footpath with a great view down to the stream. Then there are the many stone walls of the mill and outbuildings. Lots of opportunity for different lighting and backgrounds. In the morning I'll go out and scout the site, selecting possible locations that, light pending, might work well.

Tonight, I'll check the gear again, and check my head. I expect I'll find both are ready to go.

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