Monday, February 23, 2009

New Booking

A past coworker sent me a note yesterday. Engaged last month, she and her fiancee had started the long process of planning their wedding. Recently her father, who was ill, took a turn for the worse. The couple felt they needed to move the wedding up, and skip the prolonged planning of a big event so her father could be there. They had already arranged many of the details, but didn't have a photographer yet. In her note she asked if I would take on the job. They will be married in six weeks.

After reading the note I took a moment to reflect on the engagement photo shoot on Saturday, and my growing feeling of dissatisfaction with the results. The question I had to confront is: can I learn enough and make the corrections needed to produce satisfactory results in six weeks? Yes, I can. I have great clarity on what I did right and wrong on Saturday. It's not hard to fix. I just need to own it. Six weeks isn't much time at all to prepare, and I still have business details to work out (bank account, state registration, contract templates, accounting, business cards,...). But I can do it.

So I took on the job.

My action plan is:
  1. Meet with the couple to talk through their wedding and nail down the photographic details
  2. Spend a day freaking out
  3. Get out the Gold Card and buy some gear
  4. Practice every day
  5. Make the magic happen
While I'm waiting to meet with the client, maybe I'll preview a little bit of #2.

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