Saturday, February 14, 2009

New 40D

My new Canon 40D arrived a few days ago. Since I had some shots to take as homework for one of my classes, the timing was perfect. I took it out to a high school basketball game in the same gym I used for my first homework assignment. Wow! After seven years using my D30, I was shocked at how much better the 40D is in every respect. (Yes, I bought the 40D without having tried it. I knew I would stay Canon, and based on research and recommendations this was the best I could afford/justify. )

Physically, it's only a little different from the D30, but it fits my hand just as well, if not better. I also bought the battery grip, and found it to be very comfortable and easy to use. The controls were different, but not unfamiliar. I can't make sense of Nikons, but Canons seem to make sense to me. When I got the gym, I set my custom white balance (of course!), selected aperture priority mode with f2.8 (per the assignment) and found a place at the top of the court to catch the action. After a few minutes of shooting, the referee noticed me said he would try to stay out of my way. Nice! I shot for a while in single-shot, then switched to the high speed mode. So much faster than the old camera!

I have sorted through the photos of the basketball game, and find that the quality is much improved over what I have been taking. I have several keepers, and got what I needed to turn in for class. Now, I need to go find lots of things to potograph to learn this new camera as well as I know the old one. I don't think it will take long.

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