Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White Balance 101

I took an evening class called "White Balance 101" taught by Christine Bowles, a local nature photographer. It was only about 90 minutes long, but I did a lot of learning in that time. In the past I had just let my camera do an automatic white balance adjustment, and shot in RAW so I could make further adjustments afterwards. Now, I completely understand how to set my camera for the color cast of the light I'm in. I can't imagine why I wouldn't take a moment and set the white balance before a session. The other big revelation I had was in how fabulous the ExpoDisc is. With one of these gems handy during a shoot, I'll be ready to set my white balance to whatever custom level I need. I'll still shoot in RAW, so I can make adjustments as needed, but I expect to need those adjustments a lot less often now that I'm up to speed on getting it right in-camera.

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